ANR 2021 - PRC - TTRIP - Tools for Tb RadioIsotope Production for nuclear medicine

ANR PRC program 2021 is a joint cooperation between ICMUB-DIJON (Dr Michel MEYER), SUBATECH, IC-UNISTRA, GANIL and IJCLab

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Novel radio-isotopes are important in nuclear medicine to increase possibilities of imaging/therapies, and to better personalize treatments to the different patients. Their development is strongly constrained by the possibility of producing them in sufficient quantity with high chemical and isotopic purity. TTRIP will take the opportunity of an efficient isotope separator for the production of very pure stable Gd-155 as precursor of Tb-155, which in turn is used for SPECT imaging as one of the Tb quadruplet theranostic isotopes. Characterization of this precursor and its irradiation to produce Tb-155 will complete this proof-of-concept experiment. Parametric studies will then be done to find optimal conditions of this whole process of production. In parallel, a bifunctional chelator will be designed and bioconjugated to monoclonal antibodies and nanobodies. The sought bioconjugates should be able to withstand mild 155Tb labeling conditions to avoid the denaturation of the biological vector.

Principal investigator: Mr Charles-Olivier Bacri (Laboratoire de physique des 2 infinis – Irène Joliot-Curie)