Cancéropôle Grand Est - 2018 - CLI - Imagerie par Luminescence Cherenkov de modèles de cancer du sein et Photothérapie Dynamique Cherenkov

Cooperation between Dr Richard DECREAU (ICMUB), Dr Bertrand COLLIN (ICMUB - CGFL), and Prof. Alexandre COCHET (ImViA)

Publication:Dual Cherenkov Radiation-induced Near-Infrared Luminescence Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy towards Tumor Resection.

J. Med. Chem. 2020, 63, 17, 9446–9456 Cherenkov Radiation (CR), the blue light seen in nuclear reactors is emitted by some radiopharmaceuticals. This study showed that 1) a portion of CR could be transferred in the region of the optical spectrum where biological tissues are most transparent: as a result, upon radiance amplification in the NIR window, the detection of light could occur twice deeper in tissues than during classical Cherenkov Luminescence Imaging (CLI). 2) Cherenkov-Photodynamic Therapy (CR-PDT) on cells could be achieved under conditions mimicking unlimited depth using CR embarked light source, which is unlike standard Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) where light penetration depth is limited in biological tissues. Both results are of utmost importance for simultaneous applications in tumor resection and post-resection treatment of remaining un-resected margins, thanks to a molecular construct designed to raise its light collection efficiency (i.e. CR Energy Transfer (CRET)) by conjugation with multiple CR-absorbing (water-soluble) antenna followed by intramolecular-FRET/TBET energy transfers.

Principal investigator: Dr Richard DECREAU (ICMUB - UMR 6302)